Frequently Asked Questions

What Shall I Wear?

The wind chill factor on the boat can make it feel colder than it really is, so it is worthwhile bringing a warm waterproof jacket. Layers are recommended and can be removed and stowed on the boat to suit. White soled shoes are a must, however barefoot is also accepted but no high heels or black soled shoes are allowed on the boat. Light layers are a good tip as there is lots of dry storage on the boat should you need to store bags with clothing in.

If you fancy a swim then don’t forget swimwear and towels…

What Shall I Bring?

We will supply all safety equipment so you don’t need to go out and buy the arm bands!

Sunburn tends to get most people on a boat, so please bring along the factor 20. Sunglasses and hats are recommended but please hold on to them at high speeds else they tend to go for a swim.

Feel free to bring along any snacks you desire and of course if the package excludes drinks then don’t forget the alcohol, but please no red wine. If you suffer sea sickness then bring along any medication you require and if you fancy a swim don’t forget swimwear and towels.

How Many Guests Can Be Taken?

The boat is licensed to for 12 guests, however experience tells us that 8-10 is a more comfortable number.

Can I Specify The Itinerary?

Yes of course, we can tailor a day to suit your guests and the occasion. We can even do evening cruises. A standard itinerary in the day looks like:

10.30am Arrive at The Haven Bistro
11.15am Board the boat for a safety brief
12 noon Depart
1.30pm Anchor for lunch
5pm Return to Lymington

What Days Do You Do Boat Charters?

We are totally flexible. 24 hours, 364 days a year (excluding Christmas Day).

Will I Get Sea Sick?

Sea sickness is very rare on motor boats. You don’t tend to get the motion that causes sea sickness on motor yachts, however taking tablets is recommended if you are prone to it.

I Am Petrified Of Water, How Safe Is The Sea?

If the guests listen to the safety brief and don’t break the rules then it is very safe.

Should there be an emergency, the skipper is fully qualified to control the situation until help arrives. The good news is that The Solent is a busy stretch of water and help is usually only minutes away.

What Happens If It's Bad Weather?

We obviously cannot control the weather, nor can we predict accurately in advance, however if we feel it unsafe to proceed or the weather looks debatable we will cancel and offer an alternative date. The rain does not effect the safety of the trip, it’s the wind that creates rough waters. We would not be responsible for any consequential losses.

Terms & Conditions

Will I Get To Drive the Boat?

If you would like to drive the boat then please ask the skipper on the day. If it is safe to do so then he will oblige, it gives him a break!

I Can’t Swim, Does It Matter?

No, unless of course you are planning on going for a swim! Life jackets will be provided.

How Do I Get To The Marina?

Please refer to our Directions To Lymington page for further information.

Can Our Charter Start At Any Marina?

Yes, we are flexible. The boat is moored in Lymington, so we would have to take into consideration the travel to the marina of your choice when pricing your charter.

Safety Brief

Tim has 20 years’ boating experience. He will give you a safety briefing on arrival and will provide each individual with a life jacket.