Why Choose A Yacht Charter For Corporate Hospitality?

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Securing new business is becoming increasingly harder. With so much competition on the market, you need to ensure your company stands out for the right reasons and leaves an impression with potential and current clients.

lobsterDays at the Golf Course still prove popular with many, however to make your business really memorable to your potential clients, why not choose a Motor Boat for your Corporate Hospitality?

Corporate Hospitality with a Yacht Charter allows you to sit back and focus on the client and the meeting, rather than worrying about every little detail of the day: as this is dealt with for you by your boat charter staff.

There are many reasons to choose a Yacht Charter for your Corporate Hospitality, here’s just a few:

No interruptions or distractions
There’s nothing worse than clients having to pop out of a meeting to take a call: it breaks the flow of the meeting and worse of all distracts them from your message. Hosting your Corporate Entertainment on a motor yacht prevents this: it’s just you and the client.

You get to spend an entire day with your client
We know that business is about relationships and in a day you can find out a lot about your potential client: What makes them tick? What are their pain points in business? and even their family situation. As you learn these details you can tailor your messaging exactly to their needs and empathise with their situation: strengthening the trust they have in you and your business’ strategy.

gallery-4A neutral location and relaxed atmosphere
In a neutral location, no one holds the power, making the meeting automatically more relaxed. Everyone involved is away from the office, leaving the suits at home and is as much looking to enjoying the day as they are securing the business.

It’s something different and new for many
It’s a story for your client to go back to the office and tell their colleagues, and even their friends and family. Every time they tell the story, they’ll remember your brand – you’ve made them an advocate without even realising!

Corporate Yacht Charters may not be as expensive as you think. At Le Creux, we have a fleet of Charter Motor Boats available, differing in sizes to accommodate your needs. You can check availability online, however if you have any questions or questions then please contact us.

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