The History Of The Solent

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The Solent is the area of water separating the Isle of Wight from mainland England.  Originally a valley through which the Solent River flowed, it has increased in size over many years to be the recreational playground we now know it to be.

Nowadays the Solent is known for Yacht hire and sailing escapades, with many Sailing & Yachting events taking place throughout the year including Cowes Weeks.  It’s a hotspot for Corporate Entertainment and celebrations alike, and boasts some of the busiest harbours in the country.

The Solent has been linked to a number of historic events and ships too including:

The Mary Rose

Henry VIII’s flagship vessel the Mary Rose was lost in The Solent in 1545 during a naval battle between England & France.  The vessel has since been lifted from the seabed in 1982 and has been restored in Portsmouth.

The Titanic

The iconic ship set sail from Southampton in April 1912 to sadly never return. Having been deemed ‘unsinkable’ the vessel hit an iceberg and with not enough lifeboats to accommodate all 2,224 passengers, only 710 survived.

The Royal Navy

Almost two-thirds of the Royal Navy’s surface fleet are housed around The Solent, along with many of their historical ships.  There are a number of museums where you can see the historic vessels including Nelson’s flagship, HMS Victory, the world’s oldest surviving commissioned ship, which sailed in the Battle of Trafalagar in 1805.

The Tudors & Cowes Week

West Cowes Castle was built in 1539 as part of Henry VIII’s defence against the French. Today it’s the headquarters of the Royal Yacht Squadron and the 22 guns lining its esplanade are used to start Cowes Week.  Believe it or not, these guns actually came from William IV’s vessel, The Adelaide.

Victoria & Albert

Osborne House in East Cowes was once the country home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.  Queen Victoria passed away there in 1901 and since many of the rooms have been opened up to the public.
As you can see The Solent is steeped in rich history: from Southampton to Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight: making it the perfect destination for your Corporate Entertainment and celebrations.  Call us today to discuss boat hire within the Solent.

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