3 Ways to Impress a Potential Client

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Impress A Potential Client

Securing a new client for your business and making your company stand is difficult with so much competition. However, a round of golf or dinner and a show simply isn’t enough to wow them, and business development executives are finding it harder to get ahead of their competitors.

That’s why in this blog, we talk about three tricks and tips to help you impress your potential client with first-class corporate hospitality that wows them and gives you the opportunity pitch to them.

Don’t Just Know Your Stuff, Know Their Stuff as Well

Whether this is a piece of wisdom or a piece of common sense, it is not enough for you to know your stuff and what your business is about, you need to know about your potential client. It is simple but, with more you know about them, it will give you an edge and a foot in the door.

A good area to focus on is their competitors and how they conduct their business, what are they doing better than your potential client and how can you help them. This could be through your products or services or just generally if you spot something they might be interested in knowing. Besides helping you pitch more decisively, it puts you in their good books, knowing that you are out to help them get ahead of their competitors.

Also, if you’re hoping to replace a product or service with your own, it is ideal to know who are you competing against. For an example, let’s use a printing press and you are trying to replace yours with them, you did to ask yourself:

  • What problems would they face?
  • Would they have problems with maintenance?
  • What are the pain points that your machine can solve?

It is more professional and beneficial for you to go into that meeting, where you already know what gives that person headaches first thing on a Monday and how you can take them away.

Choose Neutral Ground That Impresses Them & Gives you an Edge

Just like in sports, you want to play home rather than away. Playing at home gives you a firm advantage when it comes to pitching; you have better control of your environment and it is easier for you to dictate the meeting, the conversation. However, your potential client knows this and, like going to an away game, they are going to be very apprehensive and be very closed up. This is not ideal for when you to go in pitching, it makes it a lot more difficult for you to open them up and begin a proper conversation. Obviously, you don’t want to go in their offices and play away.

So the obvious compromise is to pick a neutral playing ground but you want to get an edge. That’s why we say, pick neutral ground that wows and impresses your potential client, that’s an amazing edge to have.

A good example of amazing corporate hospitality is the service Le Creux provides. We’ve had previous clients who chartered our yachts to impress and pitch to prospective clients and find it a brilliant neutral ground to discuss business.

Straightaway, it is an impressive venue that wows your potential client and help disarms them, it’s a thrilling experience and breaks the ice. As well, it is a great way to isolate your potential client so, no one can interrupt you or can distract them from a conversation with you. Essentially, out at sea, enjoying a bit to eat or sipping drinks, there is nothing to stop them from talking business with you.

Breakout the Good Silver

Needless to say, when you’re out to impress a potential client, you need to breakout the good silver. A mug of tea and biscuit isn’t going to make the cut; certainly not a memorable experience that will sit in their mind. When pitching, it is something you don’t want to have on your plate but it is vital. The best route to anyone’s heart

This links to picking a venue; when you pick a venue to pitch to a potential, you want one than can assist you in catering your meeting. Besides something else you don’t have to worry about, you want to be reassured that not only everything is taken care of but you’d be welcomed with amazing food, drinks and service.

A venue like a coffee shop or restaurant is sometimes not ideal if you want that first class service. Not saying they could not provide that but, unless you book the entire venue, whether they busy or not can dictate the quality of the service. Granted, if food is late or not up to standard, it is not really your fault but it can hamper your chances. You don’t want the memory of a bad meal lingering with your pitch. It is stupid but something as simple as that could give the impression that you can’t deliver the kind of service that your potential client needs.

These were Le Creux’s three ways to impress your potential clients. If you’re interested in how our bespoke corporate hospitality service can help you impress and land your next client, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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